Scientists Deny theories Concerning Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again raised the spectre of vaccines as a way to prevent the spread of something more dangerous. This time, he raised the spectre of autism. Speaking of which, it is hard not to be concerned when you hear that your child might be autistic. The media still treats the issue of vaccines with bafflement, but facts are becoming clearer.

Donald Trump

Speaking of the media, President Donald Trump called out the media recently over one of their stories that he felt was unfair. In a case of a measles outbreak in California, the media went all out to create a panic and hysteria about this disease. Donald Trump spoke out and condemned the media for this, saying; “The world has become a dangerous place, and we must protect our civilization and keep the people of the USA safe. vaccines are necessary for the protection of all Americans.”

It is always interesting to see a politician speak about the importance of vaccinations in such dire terms, and the timing for this particular article coincides with the release of a report by the prestigious Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Immunology. In the report, lead author Dr. Andrew M. Finkelstein discusses the alarming rise in cases of autism, particularly in light of this administration’s talk about vaccines. It is important to note that most doctors do not subscribe to the Trump view. They generally adhere to the view that vaccines are crucial to keep children healthy.

There have been a number of tweets from Donald Trump concerning his views on autism and diseases. We are not likely to get a clear stance on the topic of childhood vaccinations, as that position is one that is not widely held by the medical community. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see such a strongman speak out so strongly against childhood diseases. This is a man who is seeking the highest office in the land; a man who is attempting to unite the party and advance his agenda, even if it means breaking from the Republican machine.

The first published tweet refers to a piece by USA Today’s Washington bureau chief regarding the possibility of a measles outbreak in the United States within the next ten days. The article was written by reporter Amy Brundin. She included a disturbing statistic, which showed that since Trump’s election last November, there has been an exponential increase in the rate of measles cases. As many as five children have now been diagnosed with this highly contagious disease, which can lead to serious consequences for the child, family and community.

The second tweet refers to a September 21st article by Yahoo News, where Donald Trump is being tested for allergies after he was advised to take an allergy test. His daughter, Tiffany, accompanied him for the test, but Donald ignored the advice and the results were not disclosed until the following day. Even then the news report did not mention that Donald had been tested positive for Langerhans disease, a potentially deadly disease caused by a bacteria carried by mosquitoes.

The third tweet refers to a separate article written by CNN’s Christopher Cuomo where he claims that there is ‘no proof’ that President-elect Donald Trump is indeed the reincarnated virus that killed his mother. Mr. Trump’s representatives have denied all allegations, stating that the President-elect has allergies and requires annual checkups. However, given the nature of diseases like HIV/AIDS and the financial strain associated with treating them, this explanation sounds plausible. If true, it is a scary thought that a virus could be reincarnating itself and seeking out human hosts. It seems far-fetched, especially considering the fact that modern medicine has not been able to find a cure for this particular disease.

Perhaps many scientists are simply being overly cautious before making major regulatory decisions, and they are correct to be so. After all, if this were found to be true, which is highly probable, the Food and Drug Administration would be forced to immediately halt all new products from being manufactured. It is far more important to stop the research and development of drugs on life-saving diseases, and more importantly, to keep Americans safe from the threat of shingles. If Donald Trumps’ scientific advisors can’t produce solid proof that he is not a candidate for Alzheimer’s disease, perhaps the FDA should be asked to regulate them instead?