Lori Harvey – A High Profile Female Entrepreneur

Lori Harvey is an American professional model and former professional Equestrian. She is also a well-known internet personality who at the moment is the step-mother of stand-up comedian Steve Harvey. She has amassed much of her popularity through Instagram where she has more than 3 million followers. These days, many models have used social media websites such as Instagram to keep in touch with their fans. But it seems that Lori’s social media popularity may be powered by marketing and even more importantly, her business ventures. Recently, she has launched a new business opportunity called Waterford Crystal.

Lori Harvey

It is not hard to see the potential of this company because Lori is already a celebrity. She has been married to the show’s host since 2004 and is now settled into her role as a mother and wife. She has two teenage children as well as a stepson. Despite being a high profile member of the entertainment industry, she has managed to maintain a solid personal and business background. Being an entrepreneur, she has always kept things in perspective and has focused on building her business from the inside out.

In early 2017, Lori started a new business venture with a company called Waterford Crystal that is based in New York. The company specializes in handcrafted crystal jewelry and accessories for women. Although there are already several other companies that produce and market similar products, Waterford Crystal is different because it offers a twist on vintage glamor and style. It offers elegant and sophisticated designs with a modern sensibility. Although it is a women-owned business, it is open to all customers and is represented by one of the most popular faces in social media, Twitter.

At the moment, Lori has been busy posting pictures from her recent trips and events on her Instagram page. It is common knowledge that celebrities can be spotted by anyone when they use social media sites. This is particularly true for those who frequent the sites such as Lori Harvey. Many followers noticed that Lori was posting pictures from her recent trip to London. One thing is for sure and that is that this woman seems to be enjoying herself and posting pictures of herself and what she is doing is proof enough of this.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Lori Harvey is not the only female celebrity that owns an Instagram account. Atlanta rapper Lexy Diaz became famous for her music and since then she has been posting pictures on the site. A lot of people have been comparing Lexy Diaz’s look and style to that of Lori Harvey and it is easy to see why they compare. Lexy wears jewelry that fits her persona and looks very classy to Lori Harvey’s pictures show her in a more casual fashion but it is obvious that her style still matches hers.

It is not uncommon for influencers to get a little popular so fast and there is no doubt that this lady is doing the same thing. She has already been spotted on twitter and since then has been compared to Nick Lachey. It is hard to make a distinction between the two but it has been noted that Lachey is making some interesting music so that is certainly something to consider. However, it is hard to make a clear distinction between the two since they both have the capability to draw attention to themselves through social media platforms.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to dabble in Instagram and there are many examples that are available for you to check out. However, when you are searching for a list of celebrities who have been spotted on the site it is important to note that Miami Mika was caught doing so recently. It is definitely not a good sight seeing a woman wearing fishnet stockings and then posting pictures of herself and her husband on the social media site. Nevertheless, we can all agree that she has done something smart and that means she is successful.

Overall, it can be said that Lori Harvey has done well in the Instagram world despite the fact that she is a celebrity. She has managed to attract a high profile audience who appreciates quality content and creativity. Therefore, she is clearly on the right path to success. In addition to that, she has managed to manage to keep her personal life relatively private thus keeping the spotlight on her career. With the help of the Instagram account, she has managed to draw attention to herself and shown off her creativity which is quite commendable as far as the internet is concerned.